The Earth is Shaking

Be careful for what has become a whole in the world we live in today. Be careful you may lose yourself. Be careful you may lose a love one. Be careful because you to can become powerless. The façade of today’s image we see as a world is both positive and negative; good and bad; right and wrong; each one is battling day in and day out. BE CAREFUL!


Spread a Smile

With so much negativity in the world through it all a smile can be contagious. It is only up to the person to accept it!


Good day,

Today I realize that we are living in a world of no control. This world we live in each person has an agenda of their own motivation. Motivated to live their lives as they see fit. Do we have moral, values, respect within ourselves to pass over onto one another? We wake up each morning with a to do list; what needs to be done for the day, the next day and so forth. We are walking in path of what can I have, what do I want, and how am I going to get it. Unfortunately, there will be negative reactions and consequences for those of have no regard to life. But how do we live in a world and be a positive influence to others. Be a positive influence within ourselves. We have society within society. Images that are seen from ever diagonal will prove what you can and can not have. Both will have a positive and negative benefit to what the world has become. “SOCIAL MEDIA” has become our center of attention. The center of attention that can either break us or make us! It is our choice to live a righteous life and our motive in what we stand for as a human being is dependent upon who we are!


We are all just living in a dream. A dream of Success! We hear the stories, the campaigns, the pleas, and the commitments. A dream worth fighting for. Waking up each day having a purpose to call your own. Knowing exactly what it is that you want in life and how you are going to obtain it. Finding yourself is the greatest feeling! Its hard work and it does not come over night but do not give up!


Its hard waking up each day and not knowing what is next. Not knowing what is to come in the near future. But that is why my focus is on the I can be prepared for the future. Accomplishing the goals I have set for myself. I read a post today and it was a refresher of what or who can try to deter you from your focus. The five D’s of what Lucifer, the father of confusion and lies will do to deter you from God’s plan.

Doubt: makes you question God’s Word and His Goodness

Discouragement:makes you look at your problems rather than look to God

Diversion: makes the wrong things seem attractive so that you will want them more than the right things

Defeat: makes you feel like a failure so that you don’t even try

Delay: makes you put off doing something so that it never gets done

Focus and motivation to keep going, never giving up regardless of the obstacles that may come your way. Its not easy but I am willing to fight. Are you?


January 5th was the day I changed my life for the better. That was the day I made a choice to LIVE. It not easy but each day that I wake up I Thank God for Who He Is. I have came far and there is nothing stopping me from having GREATER. I am the ONLY one that can get in my way and I say “do not stand in your own way.” I am so proud of myself and the place that I am in. I am continuing to grow in all aspects of my life. I am a woman, mother, daughter, sister, friend, leader, co-worker, amongst other things and the joys and pains that comes with every day life it is worth every bit. It makes me the person that I am today. My focus is to be a better person for not only myself but for God and my children.


What does it take to have the drive and focus to continue on in life pursuing your dreams and aspirations? What motivates you to get up each day and be excited about the goals you have set for yourself? I am in this journey called “walking by faith and not by sight” 2 Corinthians 5:7. I am trusting in God’s word to guide me in this world called life. As I reflect on what my motivation is, my focus will remain the same “to never give up.”