Good day,

Today I realize that we are living in a world of no control. This world we live in each person has an agenda of their own motivation. Motivated to live their lives as they see fit. Do we have moral, values, respect within ourselves to pass over onto one another? We wake up each morning with a to do list; what needs to be done for the day, the next day and so forth. We are walking in path of what can I have, what do I want, and how am I going to get it. Unfortunately, there will be negative reactions and consequences for those of have no regard to life. But how do we live in a world and be a positive influence to others. Be a positive influence within ourselves. We have society within society. Images that are seen from ever diagonal will prove what you can and can not have. Both will have a positive and negative benefit to what the world has become. “SOCIAL MEDIA” has become our center of attention. The center of attention that can either break us or make us! It is our choice to live a righteous life and our motive in what we stand for as a human being is dependent upon who we are!


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