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Confession Friday

I am more terrified of getting killed in a car accident then anything else..I know I have to drive although I don’t like to however, I remember back when I was in the car with my dad one of the best advice he has given me “make sure you drive for yourself and others” he was almost in an accident and because he seen what two cars in front of him were doing he already had his foot on the brake. Watching your surroundings! 

Life is Precious

Today, I am happy! Wow as I just wrote that sentence my heart skipped a beat and there I realize how powerful that statement is to me at this very moment. Life is Precious! I ended my day with the ability to have seen my 96 year old maternal great grandmother and my 84 year old paternal grandmother. What a blessing! Take nothing for granted! Both were in good spirits; I see where I developed my smile from two incredibly and amazingly women. Life is Precious! I gave a kiss to each one and I said a prayer to God. Life is Precious!